Singing Tips

Stage Fright Tips

Feeling tense, worried or even frightened before singing in front of people? Here are some stage fright tips to put that behind you. Stage fright manifests itself in many ways leading up to a performance and can really have a  negative effect on your whole life. The thought of getting up in front of lots […]

Sing Vibrato

In order to sing vibrato well it’s important to understand what it is along with why and when to use it. Is it for showing off another fancy technique or reaching a grand crescendo? Possibly that’s the case in opera however in other vocal styles it shouldn’t be used like that. What is Vibrato? Vibrato […]

Fundamental Singing Tips

Maybe singing has been your thing for a while but you’re thinking there’s still room to improve. You are probably right as there’s always something to get better at. The singing tips below will no doubt give you an idea to run with. It’s all about practicing hard but keeping things fresh to maintain your […]

Teach Yourself How to Sing?

Is it possible to teach yourself how to sing? Well, yes and no. For some people, a combination of just getting out there and singing combined with closely watching others and doing some online lessons is enough to really improve themselves. For others, a more structured approach with a professional singing teacher better suits their […]

Introducing Vocal Singing Tips

Vocal Lessons Vocal Exercises Online Singing Lessons Singing Tips Singing is something very special and powerful. Those who take their passion for singing and turn it into a real strength are destined for an extraordinary life. Good vocalists develop the ability to reach out to people and leave an imprint on their lives through the […]