Fundamental Singing Tips

great singing tips in concertMaybe singing has been your thing for a while but you’re thinking there’s still room to improve. You are probably right as there’s always something to get better at.

The singing tips below will no doubt give you an idea to run with. It’s all about practicing hard but keeping things fresh to maintain your enthusiasm.

Singing Tips

1) Schedule a Singing Lesson

Fresh objective feedback from a teacher who really wants to help is priceless (if you can handle it). I say that because many people don’t want to hear challenging but constructive comments about their performance. They get defensive and miss a learning opportunity. Really taking proper feedback onboard accelerates the process of becoming a great vocalist.

So even if you’ve taken lots of lessons in the past, it’s possible that you may have picked up some bad vocal habits or who knows what. Pro singers keep up with a few lessons and are open to singing tips so why shouldn’t you?

2) Do Things Differently

I’ve got a guitarist friend who makes it a rule to always play something different whenever he picks up the guitar. Of course, he also has a steady practice method but the first 15 minutes or so is dedicated to doing something completely different and this opens up all sorts of ideas.

So choose new songs, styles of music, different vocal exercises and artists to listen to. Make it an artistic excursion into different territory and you’ll be surprised at what you learn! Remember that freshness in your attitude and style translates into freshness in your performance.

3) Take Notice of Your Body When Singing

More often than not, great singers are very aware of how they are singing in terms of their posture, breath support and tone placement. Think about these things when you are practicing so they become second nature when you are performing in front of others. Take notice of any tension in your body, particularly in your face and neck, as this will affect your sound and how you come across to others.

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4) Loosen Up and Relax

To remove any tension you may have, start vocal sessions with simple relaxation and stretching exercises. You may have heard of the “rag doll” exercise which is great for making you feel supple, relaxed and ready. Stand with your feet apart (about hip-width), bend forward from your hips and let your upper body, head and arms dangle loosely. Shake your head and arms a little and then just dangle. This will help get rid of any tense feelings and maybe shake the blues away!

5) Physical Exercise is Good

So what’s this got to do with singing? Well if you’ve ever performed your heart out for 2-3 hours, you’d know that it can be pretty tiring! And if you’re the lead singer giving it everything you’ve got then a certain level of fitness is important. Now we’re not talking about appearing in a swimsuit calendar but we are talking about being able to move and perform without losing your breath.

So what do you like to do? Is it walking, swimming, cycling or going to the gym? Whatever it is, start doing it again or do more if you feel you need to.

6) Start Jamming with People

This is where it gets hot and where you really start to create with people. You’ll be surprised at what comes out of you when you’re jamming. New ideas will just happen, great arrangements will be born and your singing confidence will spike. Remember, practicing all the fundamentals at home is very important but at the end of the day, singing is about grooving and entertaining people! So put any doubts to one side and go for it.


You may be thinking that some of this advice doesn’t involve any singing at all. Well it all boils down to the fact that you as a vocalist are the instrument. And all instruments need to be kept in good working order if they are going to last any length of time. Hope these singing tips help.

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