Singing Lessons Online for Free!

Singing Lessons Online for FreeHave you ever come across free singing lessons on the internet? How useful do you think they are? Are you sometimes nervous about providing your email address to get the lessons?

Why Do They Do It?

Most singing lessons online for free are part of a process to entice you to eventually buy the complete course. And with the internet being such a competitive market place, the schools and companies are compelled to give students a decent taste of what they offer.

For you, this is an excellent opportunity to not only experience that particular school’s style but also to really learn something about singing.

Singing Lessons Online for Free

My Advice:)

I recommend having a good look at the website advertising free singing lessons and if it appears genuine then opt-in for the lessons.  By genuine I mean the website should have a professional look and provide the following information:

  • An outline of the lessons and objectives
  • A good indication of how the lessons are taught
  • Good testimonials from satisfied students
  • FAQ page and contact details

Don’t forget that you can always unsubscribe from the lessons at any time. If the singing school has gone to a lot of trouble producing a good website, I doubt very much they would bother wasting their time sending spam emails. They are trying to survive as well.

For beginners who love to sing but realize they are not reaching their potential, some free online singing lessons could really help pinpoint areas to work on. The same can be said for more experienced or even professional vocalists.

Common things to look out for are not hitting the right notes or finding the top of your range. Also, straining your vocal cords can be a problem.

Good singing lessons online for free often outline technical aspects that many recreational vocalists aren’t aware of such as resonance, key and amplitude. This is important as it gives students a more complete picture of what it takes to become a very good singer.

Benefits of Online Singing Lessons

Decent ones will help you to:

  • Discover warm-up exercises to stretch the abdomen muscles, back and neck
  • Understand warm-up exercises for the vocal cords
  • Develop decent posture
  • Learn about correct breathing practices
  • Understand more about how sound is produced
  • Learn essential terms such as intervals, pitch, time and scales
  • Introduce sight singing techniques
  • Create more expression in your songs
  • Control your larynx to produce a higher quality sound
  • Learn about how to articulate
  • Build confidence to sing on stage
  • Learn songwriting skills
  • Learn to sing while playing the guitar

A good online singing school will provide enough information and exercises in the hope that you think their lessons are worth buying.

Can you imagine going to a physical music store and asking for a couple of weeks of free lessons before booking them or buying a set of instructional dvds? I doubt you’d get a positive response. This why I believe free online lessons are great.

Of course, you can’t expect everything to be revealed as then it wouldn’t be worth producing the lessons in the first place. So by all means, try the singing lessons online for free from reputable schools and learn something but if you really want to improve a LOT then purchase the course that suits you best.