Sing Vibrato with Sarah Vaughan

Let Sarah Vaughan help you learn how to sing vibrato.

Sarah Vaughan (1924-90) was an American jazz singer who excelled at singing vibrato. Her brilliant career began at the age of 7, singing in the Mount Zion Baptist Church choir in New Jersey. By age 12 she became the organist.

At 18 years of age Sassie as she was known, won a famous amateur contest at Harlem’s Apollo Theater in 1942. Considering the talent around the area at the time, this was no mean feat. And that was just the beginning.

Sarah had an extended vocal range and beautifully controlled vibrato which she often used in countless renditions of classic songs over the years.

Over the years, artists and critics have described Sarah Vaughan as one of the finest jazz vocalists.

Sing Vibrato

Just watching and feeling Sarah Vaughan sing vibrato is one part of learning how to do it yourself.

Notice where she uses it and importantly where she doesn’t.

Here Sarah performs “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in 1958. Listening to her sing vibrato is magic!